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Deep in the west, where the sun has not dusted for a long time!

“Bochum, I come from you – Bochum, I hang on you – Glück auf, Bochum” is the title of Herbert Grönemeyer’s song, the anthem of love to his hometown. We share this love and so BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH is drawn back to the place of its birth.

The globally active manufacturer of compact and truck-mounted sweepers is continuing its expansion course. The company plans to move from Witten to Bochum in 2020 to a new headquarters with production facilities for 250 employees.


Manfred Lenhart and Thorsten Laß, the managing directors of BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH, look forward to the BROCK central project with expectation and ambition. The relocation of the company to Bochum, the merging of various units and the creation of the central company location is an important milestone for the future development of the company.


BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH will continue its growth course, working in two-shift operation in Bochum and aiming for significantly higher production targets. In Bochum, right in the heart of the Ruhr area, on a former coking plant site, a production hall of approx. 15,300 m² with production, storage and logistics, a 2-storey office wing of approx. 1,000 m² with social areas and a 3-storey administration building with approx. 2,300 m² of space for offices and seminar rooms are being built.
The outdoor areas include parking spaces for customers and employees, test areas for sweepers, and a washing and fuel station for the vehicle fleet.


Back to the “old home”

The company’s deliberate decision to build a new building in Bochum is a prime example of the structural change in the Ruhr area and an appeal to other companies to reuse old industrial sites in Bochum. Already in 2018 BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH has opened up a further location in the “old home” of Bochum. Steel construction has been relocated from Witten to a traditional industrial hall near Bochum city centre near the Jahrhunderthalle. On an area of approx. 1650 m² the new production facility includes five cranes as well as a brand new laser system with 6KW power, which is able to cut sheets of 2.5 m x 6 m and a thickness of up to 25 mm. At present, 15 permanent employees and 6 trainees are employed here.


Industrial culture is an important part of the Ruhr region and BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH feels obliged to make its contribution to its preservation.


BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH was founded in Bochum in 1993 and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of compact and large sweepers as well as airport equipment for all known cleaning jobs. The company is represented internationally with sales and service locations in over 25 countries. BROCK sweepers are used on construction sites, in municipalities, at airports and on railway tracks.

Thorsten Laß and Manfred Lenhart – Managing Directors of BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH

August 2020







Bochum/ Dortmund, 09.06.2020



A milestone in the corporate development of BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH, because only 13 months after the laying of the foundation stone, BROCK moves into the new company headquarters in Bochum-Werne.


In spite of the costly site remediation work at the beginning, the Harpen group of companies responsible for the project was able to hand over the property 6 weeks earlier than planned.

A new sweeping technology & production centre has been created on the approximately 46,000 m² former Robert Müser coking plant site. The approximately 15,300 m² production hall is equipped with 12 overhead crane tracks and extensive technical infrastructure for production, storage and logistics. Representative research and training rooms as well as individually designed work and office space are located in the 3-storey administration building, from which all company divisions will be controlled in future. Extensive testing of the sweeping vehicles is possible in the area of the large outdoor facilities, which also have a washing and fuel station for the fleet.


Manfred Lenhart, managing director of BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH, is enthusiastic about the functionality and dimensions of the new production location: “As a company, you don’t come across such a large and promising opportunity for change every day. The new location finally offers us enough space and conditions to turn our expansion plans into reality. We are looking forward to returning to Bochum again and to have reliable partners at our side in the form of the construction company Goldbeck and Harpen”.


The return to Bochum is a significant step for BROCK – and a matter of the heart. The company was founded in Bochum in 1993, but moved to Witten in 2006. BROCK sees the new company headquarters in Bochum as an important contribution to the preservation of industrial culture.


BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH was founded in Bochum in 1993 and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of compact and large sweepers as well as airport equipment for all known cleaning jobs. The company is represented internationally with sales and service locations in over 25 countries.


As an investor and project developer, the Dortmund-based Harpen Group of companies focuses on sustainable portfolio development with long-term portfolio maintenance. The Group has focused its growth and investment strategy regionally and nationwide on logistics, office and retail properties as well as commercial project developments.

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Construction progress in May 2020


Construction progress in May 2020


Construction progress in January 2020


Construction progress in October 2019


Construction progress in August 2019


Construction progress in July 2019


The foundation stone is laid

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