Kirsch und Sohn

With the BROCK VS7 against stubborn dirt


With the VS7 truck-mounted sweeper, stubborn dirt has no chance. Now the VS7 is also on the road in „Unterfranken” at the Kirsch und Sohn company, which was taken over by the Remondis company in January.


The Kirsch und Sohn company offers a wide range of services in the field of street cleaning for municipal, commercial and also private customers, such as municipalities, industrial companies and land and property owners. A BROCK has been part of the sweeper fleet since 2010.


In order to clean the large surfaces, some of which are heavily soiled, highly efficiently, the new VS7 from BROCK is equipped with a rear grit suction unit, double disk brushes on the left and right with high-pressure water bars as well as a high-pressure water bar in the front area and various drain nozzles.

Fabian Meyer – the plant and traffic manager at Kirsch und Sohn (Gemünden am Main, Unterfranken) relies on BROCK sweepers.

Christian Roth – the specialist for suction and flushing vehicles and winter service vehicles – at Kirsch und Sohn (Gemünden am Main, Unterfranken) is looking forward to service with his new BROCK VS7.

Whether municipal services such as city cleaning or working in construction site areas, e.g. for cleaning after road construction work – with its wide range of services, the VS7 is a perfect match for Kirsch und Sohn’s fields of application.


The investment in the new BROCK was also warmly welcomed by the employees. Fabian Meyer, plant and traffic manager, who has been with Kirsch und Sohn since 2002, relies on BROCK for sweeping machines.


His colleague Christian Roth is also highly satisfied with the BROCK sweeper. As a sweeper driver at Kirsch und Sohn, he is the specialist for suction and dishwashing vehicles and winter service vehicles.