Spectacular use in the Alz Canal

Spectacular use in the Alz Canal

In the course of the refurbishment in 2016, up to 400 people were employed on this construction project in some cases. The section of the Alz Canal to be rehabilitated was 15 kilometers long. During this construction phase, more than 50,000 tons of asphalt were laid in the Alz Canal on 160,000 square meters. The rehabilitation costs amounted to 50 million euros.

With the sweeper to the bottom of the valley. The Färber company from Polling / Weiding sweeps the Alz Canal with a BROCK VS7. The Alz Canal is a canal in the Upper Bavarian districts of Traunstein and Altötting, which uses the water of the Alz River in three sections to generate electricity.

Access via ramp

During the construction phase of 15 kilometres, a number of ramps were filled in, which made it possible to enter the canal at all. Some of these entrances were so steep (see photos) that the sweeper had to be secured against slipping when entering the canal.

VS7 with 4.50 m sweeping width

The decisive factor in the award of the contract for cleaning the Alz Canal was the 4.50 m sweeping width, which made it possible to clean the canal in a single operation, as the bottom of the canal was only 4.30 m over long distances.

The Alz Canal

The Alz channel is used to cool the production facilities and generate electricity for Wacker-Chemie Burghausen.

During this period, the sweepers were used for about 670 hours.

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