It’s not dirty here anymore

It’s not dirty here anymore

Here, it has not been dirty for a long time, not recently by sweeping with our BROCK sweepers, which are among other things, are used in the cities of the Ruhr area.


The old industrial wasteland, where coal used to be mined and steel was produced, is today the hotspot in the area. Old blast furnaces are preserved as monuments and are at the center of modern architecture. One example is the Phoenix area with the blast furnace on Phoenix West and the artificially created Phoenix Lake in the former working-class district Dortmund-Hörde. The lake was built on the site of an old steelworks and is now a recreational area. Attractive properties, streets, squares, pedestrian and cycle paths were created around the lake and invite you to stroll. It is a great example of successful structural change in the Ruhr area.


In order to clean the narrow streets and lanes, BROCK offers the perfect solution: with the compact and highly absorbent VS4 which is built on a FUSO chassis and has a 4m3 volume tank and 750 l water tank.


With a lot of power and high suction performance, it sweeps thoroughly and cleanly like every BROCK sweeping machine does. Driven by low-emission drive concepts that easily comply with the strict guidelines, they ensure that they will continue to be “clean” with this machine in the future.


With the flexible additional equipment you can get even more out: Additional brooms, high pressure water, a foliage suction device, as well as high tipping system and many other options are available for the VS4.


Can be used year-round: Whether summer or winter service, the VS4 can be used all year round with a change system. In summer as a sweeper, in winter as a salt spreader.


A compact all-rounder for many purposes. We are happy to help you and give advice.